January 18, 2023

January 18, 2023

Tokenguard x Substrate: Tokenguard Web3 Analysis Available For Substrate Ecosystem

Experience seamless Substrate Ecosystem support with Tokenguard Web3 Data Analysis, offering user-friendly smart contract insights to drive growth and optimize on-chain data without complex coding skills.

No More Spreadsheets

We recently announced on Tokenguard’s Linkedin profile that Tokenguard now supports Substrate-based blockchains. As a web3 data analytics tool, we understand the importance of providing our users with the most comprehensive smart contract analytics.

Tokenguard allows users to extract the most important on-chain data and identify the source and cause of conversions, all while creating a conversion funnel.

Business teams don’t have comprehensive knowledge of SQL or Phyton. They don’t have the time or resources to write code, and they definitely don’t want another Excel spreadsheet.

Instead, they rely on data analysts to extract valuable insights from their business data, which usually takes a lot of time.

Tokenguard simplifies this process. With Tokenguard’s smart contract analytics users can view the data in an intuitive way that makes sense for them. We offer a solution for providing users with an easy way of accessing on-chain user behavior analysis.

How Tokenguard Web3 Analytics Affects The Substrate Ecosystem

Substrate Ecosystem Projects like Acala, Aleph Zero, Polkadot, Moonbeam, etc. can access the on-chain data which includes user behavior analysis, whale wallets monitoring or comprehensive conversions tracking. Full list of projects.

With Tokenguard’s smart contract analysis tool, non-technical people can access their on-chain data in real-time.

This will help Marketing Teams to understand how their marketing campaigns are performing, which marketing channels bring better ROI, and what kind of content is more effective in converting users. With that information, they can create a proper sales funnel.

We invite all Substrate-based blockchain users to take advantage of Tokenguard and see how it can benefit their project. Contact us, and get personalized analysis for your project.

Contact us, and get personalized analysis for your project.


What Is The Substrate

Substrate is a blockchain framework that enables fast and easy development of blockchain nodes. With 150+ projects in various industries, Substrate offers flexibility and on-chain upgrades. Written in Rust, a modern language similar to JavaScript and C++, it is a top-wanted language in the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

What is On-chain analysis?

On-chain analysis is the process of extracting and analyzing data that is stored directly on a blockchain network — this data, is also called “on-chain” since it can be accessed by anyone with access to the ledger. On-chain data is different from off-chain data, which is data that is not stored on the blockchain and can only be accessed by certain parties.

How to get personalized analytics

To get individual on-chain dashboards for your project you need to contact the Tokenguard team by chat or email at contact@tokenguard.io

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