Drive growth for your protocol by
improving experience

Ecosystem Analytics

The Benefits

Transform your business growth with comprehensive user analytics and real time insights
Increase Developer Engagement
Track which projects in your ecosystem have the highest growth and best new features
Discover Power dApps
Understand which dApps deliver the highest inflow of new, active users to your L1 ecosystem and support them!
Measure Off-Chain Campaigns
Track the developer & user retention after hackathons and off-chain marketing campaigns

Revolutionize Your Product

Revolutionize your produt with these four essential strategies
Start Analyzing
Forget about learning SQL
Use a drag-and-drop editor to build dashboard, and extract the data you need without waiting for developers or analysts
Reward the most active users
By understanding your users and their behavior, you can tailor your marketing strategies to their needs
Improve your marketing funnel
Optimize your sales funnel, improve your customer experience, and engage with your users in a meaningful way
Engage with the right user segments
By tracking and analyzing user behavior, you can identify key segments of your user base

Built For Business Ecosystems

Whether your an L1 owner, or dApp creator, we’ve got you covered
L1 Chains
Track how developers interact with your protocol
Understand which dApps perform better
Observe how whales influence your network
Measure votes and key stakeholders behavior
Analyze efficiency of treasury spending
Debate using hard data, not guesswork
Improve developer engagement in building your ecosystem
Analyze which marketing and product campaigns are most successful
Understand which features need improvement

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Tokenguard On-Chain User Behavior Analytics

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