Increase Your Protocol Revenue With On-Chain Insights

Unique Data For L1 Blockchains
Unique Data For L1 Blockchains
  • Analyze user behavior, and discover the most engaged user groups
  • Increase user conversion and activity
  • Improve protocol revenue stream
  • Get more control over your on-chain data

Improve your protocol's revenue stream

Managing the data from your blockchain can be complicated, difficult, and time-consuming. With Tokenguard, you will have quick and easy access to all the data you need from your blockchain. You can use this information to make informed decisions about your business.

Supported blockchains


Reinforce your marketing strategy

In web 2.0 analytical platforms you can track what happens on your website, but not on-chain. Marketing specialists act blindly because web2 analytics can't tell them what is the cause of token performance. Tokenguard brings clarity in web3, where you can track your conversions, create user segmentations and make behavior analysis.

Customer Testimonials


Our work with Tokenguard was effortless. They operated on an EXTREMELY tight deadline for us to meet our token sale date and for that we are eternally grateful.

Slone Brakeville

CEO @ Fr8.Network

Thank you Tokenguard Team! This has truly been an excellent experience so far!  We were delighted that working with Tokenguard felt exactly like we had expected after knowing them a llit bit.

Corwin Cole

CEO @ HungryGhosts

We would highly recommend the Tokenguard team for any organization that’s looking for highly devoted security specialists with tremendous amounts of distributed protocol experience – we couldn’t be happier.

Zane Witherspoon

CTO @ LoanSnap

Available Features

We're constantly expanding our features, if you didn't find the metrics that you want to track, contact us and we will try to implement it.
Conversion Tracking
Identify the specific conversion on your chain that you want to monitor. As an example, you can track STAKE conversion. You can find the sources of users with the most staking activity, the number of staking amounts, the percentage of all staking users, and more!
User Analytics
Your community is the most important part of your project. To deliver the best service for them you can make decisions based on the wallet activity. Track the wallet size, manage user cohorts, and set alerts for whale sales or any other changes in the wallet.
24/7 Alerting & Monitoring
Identify the number, source, and volume of users and transactions. Set up alerts to know whenever whales or big investors are selling out your coins or tokens.
Smart Contract Analytics
Find the number of users interacting with your smart contracts. Understand which features are the most engaging for them and improve their operability.

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