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Tokenguard is the first automated rating agency for Ethereum and other blockchains. We use the most sophisticated tools to find bugs in tokens that would allow hackers take over your funds. There's no safe investing in ICOs without Tokenguard.
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A simple way to save money
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With Tokenguard you can verify any ICO of your choice without any additional hassle! Just paste the Ehtereum address and check if the token is secure
Security audit report in 3 hours
Blockchain ecosystem is moving extremely fast and so are we. Receive the token report in just 3 hours to make an educated decision whether to invest in it or not.
Simple token scoring
We give each ICO a rate from 0 to 10 so that you can quickly asses the quality of its code
Easy to understand even for non-tech folks
We collected the best security tools and translated their outputs so that you can easily understand what's happening inside the token and whether the bugs are critical
Automatically updated 24 / 7
Tokenguard is automatically updated 24 / 7 so if there is a new vulnerability or security issue, we update our rating system and generate new ratings