Wrapped ANATHA   token: ico review, security check & audits

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Sun Jun 13 2021
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Anatha is a decentralized P2P network based on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. It was built using Tendermint, a platform for building blockchain applications in any programming language. The Anatha project, a vertically integrated DeFi economy, stands out for its distribution model, in which 50% of rewards collected by the network such as transaction fees, registration fees, and token swap margins, are returned directly to users after the completion of each block.

The project key features are ANATHA Network, ANATHA Nexus (a wallet), Human Readable Addresses, and the network with a built-in buyback function. Users can include a memo to track transactions. The Anatha Platform of IP services enables organizations to launch their own decentralized economies.

ANATHA is the project utility token used for rewarding clients, staking, and giving access to the name service. ANATHA holders who stake it can become network validators if they create a HRA and deposit 500,000 coins. After that, they are eligible to get a reward from the token creation contract.

The wANATHA token is a wrapped version of ANATHA created to operate on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be swapped for ANATHA tokens on the Cosmos Tendermint-based mainnet at a 1:1 ratio. Users can hold wANATHA in a savings account, send and receive it, trade, exchange, and register HRA while holding it. Users who lock up their wANATHA tokens in the Uniswap pool for at least 30 days can get rewards for staking them. They can also earn by delegating stakes to the pool of validators.

Wrapped ANATHA token price chart

Security checks of wANATHA token