Rai Reflex Index   token: ico review, security check & audits

check date
Sun Jun 13 2021
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-0.76 %
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RAI or Rai Reflex Index is a non-pegged stable asset supported by ETH. Presenting a stable asset, RAI is not pegged to any external asset, but still preserves stability thanks to a managed float regime that lies on the basis of the protocol.

The Reflexer platform has been developed to deploy systems issuing Reflex indexes. It is based on the GEB framework, which is a modified fork of Multi Collateral Dai.

RAI uses a specific mechanism devaluing or revaluing the asset when needed to remove a trade imbalance and incentivize buyers and sellers to return the market price. The goal is to keep as close to the targeted redemption price as possible. In this way, the token is devalued each time when the system wants users to sell the token and acts the opposite way when it wants to incentivize a higher demand.

The developers call RAI the first token that uses established control theoretical concepts to a reflexive price stabilizing token system. Contrary to fiat-pegged systems, RAI works as dampened ETH thanks to the stability controller employed by the system.

The members of the community are rewarded each time when the system devalues the token. The holders of RAI are less exposed to market shifts and can earn yield when the market price of the token follows the redemption price. When used as alternative collateral in the DeFi protocols, it dampens the fluctuation of price and gives users more time to react to the rapidly changing market.

Rai Reflex Index token price chart

Security checks of RAI token