Orion Protocol   token: ico review, security check & audits

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Sun Jun 13 2021
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The Orion Token with a ticker ORN is a utility token based on Ethereum and issued by the cutting-edge liquidity aggregator Orion. The facility was developed to solve the liquidity issue which is a common problem of the DeFi industry. The platform doesn’t aim to compete with other exchanges. Instead, it aggregates different order books and liquidity under its roof. In this way, the Orion Protocol is used by customers to trade and swap pools from a single platform.

Being a supply-capped token, ORN employs different methods to provide its longevity such as expanded utility, staking, numerous benefits of its use, removal of tokens from the circulating supply until only purchased tokens remain in circulation, etc.

Being the core of the Orion protocol, ORN provides such benefits to its holders as discounted trading (up to 20% on trading fees), staking returns with the capability of increasing the size of the stake, and a number of premium services available only to the token holders. Also, they get priority access to some products developed within the ecosystem.

ORION HUB developed by the company enables the members of the community to earn additional rewards for the contributions to the project. The number of revenue streams is always increasing.

The ecosystem also includes such products as the first-ever Orion NFT Aggregator, Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin, Orion DEX Kit for building DeFi exchanges on different blockchains, Orion Enterprise Trade Widget that helps non-blockchain clients get access to your token without using the exchange, and Orion Launchpad Liquidity that enables launchpads to list incubated projects on their DEX.

Orion Protocol token price chart

Security checks of ORN token

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