E-RADIX   token: ico review, security check & audits

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Sun Jun 13 2021
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27.29 %
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E-Radix is an ERC20 token with a ticker eXRD issued by the Radix platform. The company behind the platform is a UK startup that works over a decentralized finance protocol connecting new financial apps with the capability to build dApps on its basis. The goal of Radix is to remove technology barriers that prevent the expansion of decentralized finance with the assistance of a layer-1 protocol directly addressing the needs of the DeFi sector.

eXRD tokens are gradually unlocked depending on their market price. With more increasing demand, more tokens are unlocked to be available for staking, helping to balance the market supply and demand of eXRD.

Employing the proof-of-stake protocol, the platform utilizes the consensus algorithm Cerberus performing work to deliver a public network with linear scalability. It enables unlimited scaling of a public ledger to thousands of nodes thus solving the congestion problem. The Cerberus protocol is implemented to provide True Finality making the transactions final. In this way, users don’t have to wait for the processing of blocks to confirm the status of a transaction.

Additionally, the protocol delivers cross-shard atomic composability to enable simultaneous work of different shards not interfering with the work of other apps and transactions. The сomponents of Radix represent a form of smart contracts that behave like physical assets. In addition to Cerberus, the Radix platform employs such technologies as on-ledger Developer Royalties, the Component Catalogue, and the Radix Engine v2.

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Security checks of eXRD token