DefiPulse Index   token: ico review, security check & audits

check date
Sun Jun 13 2021
Source code
Ethereum address
Market Cap(24h)
5.38 %
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DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) is a permissionless index of the best DeFi tokens that was issued by the data company DeFi Pulse and investment-focused Set Protocol. The DeFi Pulse Index was created for beginning cryptocurrency users to offer them easy access to the DeFi sector, while the experienced users can also get exposure to DeFi via a single asset. This is the first-ever index of decentralized finance that doesn’t belong to derivatives or synthetic tokens. The token comprises the capitalization-weighted index where the market cap of the DeFi project determines the value weight.

DPI establishes a standard empowering vetted DeFi projects that make up the community. DeFi Pulse is the main source of information to determine the leading projects. The index assesses the parameter known as TVL (Total Value Locked).

According to the protocol, the tokens that intend to be included in the index must be first listed on DeFi Pulse and function there for some time before they are added to the index. These assets should be listed on Ethereum and represent the DeFi sector asset. The products of these platforms should not be presented on other blockchains. Also, these tokens should meet other requirements such as minimum circulating supply. It is necessary for tokens and their apps to accept common security and DeFi standards as well.

The token is redeemable for the DeFi tokens that enter it. When the token was launched in September 2020, it included such tokens as YFI, LEND, SNX, COMP, MKR, LRC, REN, KNC, BAL, REPv2.

DefiPulse Index token price chart

Security checks of DPI token