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Sun Jun 13 2021
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CORE is a token that was issued by the platform in September 2020. The token was developed for the execution of profit-generating strategies on a decentralized basis.

The model employed by the platform excludes the situation when a single developer or a member of the team decides upon the way of using locked funds for the generation of ROI, which is a common problem among DeFi facilities.

The platform offers decentralized governance by CORE token holders who can provide strategy contracts and vote for different initiatives. This helps to eliminate developers’ fees, decisions on fee approver contracts, and so on. Thus, implements decentralized autonomous strategy execution. 5% of the yield obtained from the strategies is spent on the automatic purchase of the CORE token.

To increase the value of the token, smart contracts of the cVault ecosystem employ different strategies for the farming of coins inside the pools. The platform employs CORE Transfers smart contracts for preserving the stability of the market.

The team has created a permissioned ecosystem of locked liquidity. Those who want to enter it should be CORE holders. There is a 1% fee for each transfer that becomes a contribution to the liquidity pool. Since the token has a limited supply (10,000 tokens), it is able to mint a new type of token called CORE Liquidity tokens.

The team also works over an LP Futures AMM and other yield generating mechanisms in the decentralized industry such as Flash LP Loans and Collateralized Loans. token price chart

Security checks of CORE token