BarnBridge Governance Token   token: ico review, security check & audits

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Sun Jun 13 2021
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-7.70 %
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BOND is a utility ERC-20 token issued by the protocol BarnBridge that can be used for tokenizing risks. The platform provides the capabilities to make tradable tokens that protect a consumer from market volatility when they use risk management tools developed by the team. The project was created to add flexibility and efficiency to the functionality of a decentralized industry.

Tokenization of fluctuations that occur in the market along with the exposure of users to risks helps to reduce the volatility for investors. The project came up with fixed income instruments for trading on the decentralized market. The cryptocurrency risks are divided into tranches to help the traders act without fear of loss.

The platform offers a higher annual percentage yield (APY) in comparison with 5% offered by such popular DeFi platforms as Aave and Compound. Using profitability optimizers, APY can reach 10%, in the opinion of developers, so the team proposed to use a proprietary profitability optimizer yEarn for this goal.

BarnBridge creates tokenized derivatives on the basis of market fluctuations. The products offered to the customers include Smart Yield Bonds and Smart Alpha Bonds. The facility offers an approach that can't be found on other platforms. The customers can choose a fixed income on BarnBridge instead of looking for higher yield on other platforms without any guarantee.

Initially, BOND was used for yield farming only. Trying to build an entirely decentralized system, the team developed the infrastructure with a community-driven DAO on its basis, so BOND tokens are going to be used for governance as well.

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Security checks of BOND token