BDPToken   token: ico review, security check & audits

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Sun Jun 13 2021
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BDP is the governance token released by the Big Data Protocol, which is a protocol and data marketplace affiliated with Amass Insights, the biggest alternative data marketplace established by Jordan Hauer in 2015. With a rather extensive ecosystem of professional data providers (more than 14 thousand), the Big Data Protocol has turned into a very valuable resource used by many customers on a daily basis. The clients’ database is huge and includes asset managers, hedging funds, and institutional investors who apply to the service to take advantage of market insights and make investment decisions depending on this data.

According to the protocol, tokens are minted to provide access to the datasets. The platform employs a simple decentralized liquidity mining mechanism to make the data token liquid on Uniswap.

The number of cryptocurrency data providers in the database exceeds 300. The datasets are categorized into different groups such as industry, class, and geolocation, while data curators supervise the process.

Customers should burn BDP to get access to the Protocol and to pay fees. The members of the platform should hold some BDP to have access to benefits and services available for BDP holders only, for instance, airdrops or exclusive datasets. Users get BDP in the Data Vault where they select a seed pool and stake assets.

bAlpha is another token that can be earned in the Data Vault’s Liquidity Pools. This token unlocks access to the first collection of datasets.

The platform employs the burning mechanism for its development. BDP is spent to enter the marketplace and to pay data providers and curators.

BDPToken token price chart

Security checks of BDP token