On-chain Analysis

Take control of your on-chain activity

Join Amazing Customers

Join Amazing Customers

Revolutionize Your Product with these Four Essential Strategies

No-coding skills required

No more waiting for developer assistance - with Tokenguard, you have the freedom to get the data you need, when you need it.

Understanding user behavior

Make informed decisions to improve customer engagement and increase revenue.

Improve your marketing funnel

By tracking on-chain conversions, you can identify areas where you can optimize your sales funnel to increase conversion rates

New revenue streams

On-chain conversion tracking provides a complete picture of protocol user, including their transactions and transfers of value.

Transform Your Business Growth with Comprehensive User Analytics and Real-time Insights

User Segmentation

With Tokenguard you can identify user segments by filtering them using user behavior analysis. You can identify who is a developer, investor or a team member. Create custom segments by diving deeper into your protocol data.

Track the most active source

With that feature, you can identify on which platform (CEX, DEX, Marketplace, Wallet) your users interact with your token. By finding where your conversion is mostly triggered, you can change or improve your advertising placement.

Explore Market Trends

In Tokenguard Dashboard you’ll be able to find which marketing channel works best for your campaign. Monitor the activity, and see the causes of conversion spikes and drops

Real-time Alerts

If you want to be notified about specific changes in your channel or smart contract you can trigger alerts. This will help you to stay up to date and make improvements on the rise.

Built For Your Business Needs

L1 Protocols

Track how developers interact with your protocol

Understand which dApps perform better

Learn how you can grow your network


Increase your platform net

Attract new users to your platform

Improve your user experience

NFT Marketplace

Generate new sources of creators to your marketplace

Implement an effective marketing strategy

A/B test your marketing strategies


Improve the usability of your application

Understand weak points and how to improve them

Build user engagement

Unlock the full potential of your protocol with Tokenguard On-chain Analysis

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