Tokenguard updates #1

Tokenguard Team
August 12, 2021

Last weeks were extremely intensive.

We would like to share some insights from our work:

  1. We onboarded first Tokenguard customers and the number of projects wanting to chat is growing.
  2. We finished our recruitment process for Community Manager. In the next few days we will be able to announce it publicly!
  3. We are working on adding new features! Security Monitor and Token Firewall (prevent f.e. flash loans) is going closer to release.
  4. Except that we are still recruiting new blockchain developers to help us build a better blockchain environment. If you are a developer you can find ore details here:
  5. We are one step closer to finishing our API in cooperation with ITSA. Our rating will be shown as a confirmation if the smart contract source code has any vulnerabilities. Except that as a part of the working group we are discussing with industry leaders how to provide technical requirements and specifications for the implementation of the Unified Token Locator (UTL).
  6. We are talking with regulated banks to provide them our service as a part of their internal token index system. We will be responsible for source code analysis and highlighting the rating as a basis for their future investment activities.

We are still looking for institutional investors like Banks/ VCs to help them validate the technical side of the projects before they invest in.