How To Get Started With Tokenguard

Tokenguard is an analytical platform for Blockchains that build with Substrate Network. Tokenguard can help you to analyze the on-chain data and find insights across your blockchain infrastructure. Read the description below to understand how you can start and get the benefits!

Why Tokenguard?

If you want to understand your community and find insights inside your chain, Tokenguard can help you to build dashboards that will show you the clear path from the first interaction to the conversion.

You can monitor your transaction activity, perform on-chain conversion analysis, and more!

For Teams Who Look For Growth


On-chain analysis can help Executives understand the value of their project. Founders can plan the direction according to product insights, and maintain healthy investor relations by presenting accurate information.

Marketing Experts

Marketers can get all the consumer information without spending hours on research. With Tokenguard they can create and structure the next marketing campaign with more confidence, engage with the community, and explore new growth directions.


Development teams who spend a lot of time looking for issues in smart contracts now can find critical bugs in a few minutes. Tokenguard will help them to be more productive and focused on doing important things.

How To Get Started

Sign Up For The App


If you just getting started with Tokenguard, we suggest you sign up first and explore the features.
Click On Everything You Can


Humans learn faster when acting, try testing everything to get the first understanding of what data you need. The sooner you do it, the faster you’ll become better at it.
Building Your First Dashboard


When you become confident in your skills you can build amazing dashboards, don’t forget to share it with others.
Leave The Feedback


We want to hear from you, about how we can do better, fill free to participate in discussions and leave your feedback.

First Step In Process

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