How does it work?

Tokenguard is your gateway to technical token verification. Please take a look on how we provide our automated token and smart contract audits.

Why Tokenguard?

Tokenguard aggregates the best techniques for ICOs / smart contracts automated verification, allowing investors, VCs and banks to check the project they want to invest in.
Why Tokenguard?

What makes us stand out?

Audit in less<br />than 3 hours
Audit in less
than 3 hours
We conduct the security audit on your demand with the newest tools available running on extremely quick CPUs. Thanks to that you can receive the audit report on the token in just 3 hours!
Simple and easy <br />rating system
Simple and easy
rating system
Each token receives a rating from 0 to 10 so that you can quickly judge whether to invest in it. As an investor, you can verify both already traded DeFi tokens or new projects that are not yet published. You just need the Ethereum address and / or the source code.
Find critical<br /> bugs on the spot
Find critical
bugs on the spot
Tokenguard delivers a security audit report on the given token or smart contract with detailed information on the bugs and vulnerabilities found. If the stakes are high, you can ask our team for additional manual verification.

Make a token audit all by yourself

Find the token
Find the token of your choice in our database.
Can't find the token? No worries!
Can't find the token? Enter its address and we'll take care of it.
Make a coffee and wait
Make a payment, take a cup of your favourite hot coffee and wait for 3 hours.
Read the report
Check the report of the token of your choice. You will receive a detailed information on possible security issues and bugs.
To invest or not to invest? You decide!
Decide whether you want to invest in the token based on the report. The higher the rating of a token, the better.
Any questions? Contact with our representative Tom Keczkowski
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Contact for Media
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